The perfect match to deploy your people counting strategy

Our team would work with you to define the requirements that you would need. We would also draw up a proposal with initial drafts of the floor plan designs, devices recommendations and project costs estimation.

We will define a set of our criteria for the trial. A report will be produced at the end of the trial to determine its success. The cost of the trial would be credit to your project cost if a rollout is going ahead.

Our team is going to carry out the complete installation on your behalf; including planning, cabling, installation of the devices and connecting them to the network.

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Commissioning / Accuracy Audit

Each counter is properly tuned and video verified to give you hard evidence that all of them achieved the highest possible accuracy. This is carry out by Tuning expert (also conduct manual counting on the video recordings from the counter)

  • New device accuracy tuning certificates

  • Re-verification after store layout change

  • Periodic accuracy audits

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We will work with your IT team to choose the best software installation service for you (on-premise installation or cloud installation)

  • Software Installation and Setup

  • Legacy System Data Migration

  • BI System Integration

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Technical Support

Both hardware and software will be regularly updated with the latest firmware. Proactive monitoring of the system will be carried out by the support staffs to ensure high data integrity

  • Support Contract (Optional)

  • Proactive Data Integrity Monitoring

  • Software Licenses and Warranty

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Training and Webinars

Learn how V9 Analytic can be applied in the world of Retail - understanding customer’s trends, measuring display effectiveness and improving marketing strategies.