A systemic project to end long delivery times and stop breaching Delivery Dates commitments.

Let yourself be guided by our exclusive business model to answer:

Reduce lead times and WIP by at least 50%, reaching 99% on-time delivery as a result.

A manufacturer or manufacturing company essentially operates under the MAKE TO ORDER - MTO model, in this environment it could generally report symptoms such as:

  • Poor performance of On-Time Delivery

  • High levels of inventory in process

  • Very long lead times

    • Generating pressure from other departments to reduce delivery times.

  • Required raw materials that are often not available for production.

  • The resources of certain areas are insufficient to cover market demand, therefore: 

    • Overtime increases during some periods.

    • Rework increases due to backorders.

    • Large number of "emergencies" from customers, especially when they "scream for their orders" due to delays, generating:

      • Constant changes in priorities

  • High levels of waste.

  • Among others...


Faced with these challenges and problems, at SpearHead we have a business solution that we present for your consideration:

  • Significantly reduce delivery times:

    • By controlling the work entering the plant and reducing the levels of work in process inventory.

  • Increase on-time delivery performance:        

    • By synchronizing all the operational resources that you focus on using a priority visual system.

    • Ensuring that the correct raw materials are available, when required, to be processed at the plant.

    • Properly managing production capacity.

    • Taking steps to identify the weakest link in the plant and schedule the remaining resources to be subordinate to that area.

  • Increase Capacity:                     

    • By unlocking hidden capacity and using proven techniques to focus continuous improvement programs on areas of high impact on flow.

  • Establish robust mechanisms to reliably respond to urgent orders. 

    • By reserving capacity to serve customers with surprisingly short delivery times.

  • Systematically synchronize key operations in the production process to deliver ever shorter times.

Expected results: 

Due Date Performance
Increase in more than
Decrease in more than 
Increase in more than
Lead Times
Reduced by more than