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Concerto gives your organization and managers the ability to streamline and simplify the selection and management of multiple projects. Unlike other PPM programs that are unnecessarily sophisticated, Concerto's strength lies in its minimalism: minimal data, minimal updates, and minimal reporting to keep the focus on results.

This is because only Concerto recognizes and takes advantage of the facts that 1) local optimization does not lead to global optimals, 2) the project world is dynamic and uncertain, and 3) management is different from monitoring and generation. from reports.

Concerto uses constraint-based optimization to help you select the most impactful projects and make the most of your resources, and buffer management to provide maximum flexibility with less time. It also gives you simulation capabilities in planning and running early warning signals.

A Project Management solution on the Web

Our platform is where planning meets execution and control.

For task-level execution, Concerto gives each administrator a personalized task list prioritized by our proprietary buffer logic, so everyone always works on the most important tasks in the entire organization. At the project level, Concerto displays the status of projects based on their progress and buffer consumption, and identifies tasks that require management attention. Concerto makes sure that first things always come first, even in a changing environment where priorities can change on a daily basis.

For control, Concerto gives executives a dashboard for all the projects in their portfolio. In addition, Concerto provides performance metrics, cycle time, on-time delivery, and more, so executives can stay up-to-date on progress and intervene as needed to keep projects on track.

Are you ready to discover how Concerto can help you plan, prioritize and execute your projects?

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